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Tell me what you want it to be about. It might take me anywheres 1 and 3 weeks to write. I would prefer the subject to be from the list of obsessions below.
Chat rooms
Pick something from my interests that interests you. Note me. If you want something that isn't on the list, tell me what it is and I'll see what I can do.

*The ones above are co-ops but the one I do for you will not.
**The interests list has not been updated in forever.
Short Stories
Just give me a little idea and I've got it down.
Tell me a character from the list of obsessions below and I will try my best.
One Shots
Tell me something from my Obsessions below and I'll make a one shot.
Clara Oswin Oswald Rings of Akhaten Quote by ThreeMoonFairy
Tell me something and episode or scene, or even quote, and I shall put my new apps to use for you.
Funny Edits
Cute Funny Bunny by ThreeMoonFairy
North Funny by ThreeMoonFairy
Pitch Black Funny by ThreeMoonFairy
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Tell me a TV show or movie. Give me a specific pic if you want. I'll do all the magic. 
Chibi Maker
Tooth by ThreeMoonFairy
My Version of MiM (Man in the Moon) by ThreeMoonFairy
Jack Frost by ThreeMoonFairy
My OC Lilly by ThreeMoonFairy
My OC Luke by ThreeMoonFairy
My OC Laya by ThreeMoonFairy
A chibi of your choice. Send me a note describing what you want.
Zen tangles
Blue and Black by ThreeMoonFairy
Black and Gray by ThreeMoonFairy
Yellow and Gray by ThreeMoonFairy
Flower by ThreeMoonFairy
Lines by ThreeMoonFairy
Parts by ThreeMoonFairy
Just tell me some things you want+colors and the rest is up to me.

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Doctor Who
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Transformers(all the movies)
Sherlock Holmes
Fruits Basket
Ouran High School Host Club
Tobuscus(Toby Turner)
Jenna Marbles
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings(all 3)
Battlestar Gallactica
Xena: The Warrior Princess
Star Trek(mostly movies but have seen the TV shows)
New Girl
Jurassic Park
Anything Rick Riordan has written
The Hunger Games(Catching Fire was my favorite)
The Fine Bros
Austin and Ally
Sonny with a Chance(Channy!)
Anything Marvel
Pitch Perfect
Star Wars(all of the movies. Hoping Disney doesn't mess up the new one)

Engaged to and dating :iconbluemoonfairy99:


You sit at the fire you just made, rubbing your hands together to warm them up. You pull the hood of your sweatshirt over your head to protect your eyes from the sprinkle of rain that had started. You lay down next to the fire, ready for another night in the woods, when you hear the far away sound of a stick breaking. You pass it by as the hunger until you hear it again, this time closer. You sit up suddenly to hear it again, right behind you. You turn around to see the grey flash left behind. You stand up, ready to run if have to. You were about to lay back down when you felt someone grab you around your waist.

“Shhh.” The person behind you whispered in your ear, causing the hair on your spine to rise.

You decided to do what he asked. Even if you did scream there was no one close enough to hear you. He slowly started to release his grip on your waist. When his hands were no longer touching you, you turned around to see his face. His grey hair didn’t go with his young, and attractive face. You start to slowly back up, realizing your faces were centimeters apart. You trip over the fire pit, and would have fallen in, except this mystery man ran at the speed of light and caught you. You stare into each other’s eyes for a minute before he pulls you back up.

“Umm thanks,” you say, looking down at your feet.

He pushes a strand of your (hair color) hair behind your ear, keep his hand in on your cheek before he realizes what he’s doing. He turns around looking for something, or someone, in the woods. You walk up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder, but pull it back when he winces.

“What’s your name?”


“If I’m going to thank the man who saved my life properly I’m going to need to know his name.” He looks in your eyes, searching for something.

“Pietro, and I hardly saved your life.”

“Yeah, your right. You only saved me from some three degree burns.”

“So what’s your name?”


“Well I should know the name of the woman who I saved from three degree burns.”

“It’s a secret.” You explain as you poke the fire with a stick.

“Well that’s not fair.” Pietro says, still looking for something in the woods.

“What you looking for?” He turns back towards you with a confused look on his face. “You’ve looking over there for quite some time.” You explain.

“You’re different.”

“I could say the same thing for you.”

“Come with me?”


“I like you. So come with me.”

Not even caring where you would go with this man you barely know, you agree to his proposal. Happy with your agreement, he picks you up and swirls you around in a circle. He sets you back down carefully and stares into your eyes once more before he kisses you, in the rain.
QuicksilverxReader - In the Rain
I do take requests so either comment below, or send me a note :D
“(Y/N)!!!!” Tony shouted as he barged through your bedroom door.

You didn’t answer at first, too lazy, or tired, to acknowledge him.

“(Y/N)!!!” He screamed again, this time jumping on your bed in which you were trying to sleep.

“TONY!!!!!” You yelled back, sitting up.

“(Your nickname), you have to get ready if you want to get there on time!!” Tony said, now whining.

“Going where?” You ask as you slowly climb out of your almost too comfortable bed.

“SHOPPING!!!!!!” Tony screamed as he ran out of your bedroom and to somewhere’s you couldn’t see, or care a bit about.

You quickly got ready as you realized this was going to be the worst day of your life. Even worse than when Loki threw you out a Stark Tower’s window. But maybe you could make a game out of it.


You reached the floor where Natasha, Steve, Thor, Tony, Bruce, Clint, and even Loki were sitting, obviously waiting for you.

“Okay, ready to go?” You asked.

“What are you wearing?” Tony asked as he looked you up and down.

You looked down at yourself, viewing your simple black hoodie, black jeggings, and an old pair of sneakers. “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

“You’re going to wear that in public?”

“If I’m going to be forced to go dress shopping, even for the Clintasha wedding, I’m going to wear something easy to take off for when I have to try things on.” You explain.

“It’s simple female knowledge.” Natasha added.

“Where shall you be going Ms. (last name)?” J.A.R.V.I.S. asked.


^^^^^^^^^A long limo ride later^^^^^^^^^^^^

“I don’t understand why we had to come to this commoner’s store. You do realize I’m rich, right?” Tony complained as all of you shuffled out of the limo.

“How could I forget,” you mumbled. “I’m not going to by a $200 dress that I’m going to wear once, and probably spill wine on when I could buy a $60 dress, wear it multiple time, and it won’t matter if I spill anything on it.” You answered as you walked through the big metal doors.

“I don’t see the problem with this store, Man of Iron.” Thor added.

“Thanks Thor.”

The second you reached the dress section you and Natasha run away searching, while the five guys shuffled around. Steve tried not be noticed being with Tony. Tony hit on very girl that walked by. Thor almost got kicked out for being too loud, but Loki was able to calm him. Clint just stood in place, sunglasses on. You and Natasha run back to the guys and drag them to changing rooms.

“Okay, first up is the Katniss Everdeen styled black dress,” Natasha says as you walk out of the room wearing a long black dress that has a missing part at the chest to show as much cleavage possible.

You pose as if you’re in a fashion show as the guys gawk in amazement. You walk back into the room screaming, “Next.”

“This one I picked out myself. It’s a red simplicity that I would die for,” Natasha explained as she extended her arms, showing you off.

You walk out wearing a strapless, ruby red, and tube tight, dress.

“Breathe taking.” Steve says, possibly staring.

“Yeah, it’s knocking the wind right out of me.” You say walking back into the room.

“Yeah maybe not that one.” Natasha says, concerned for your survival.

“Next is an Ariel styled beauty that I’m sure you five will enjoy.”

You walk out in a green scaled bikini bottom and purple shell like bikini top.

“That’s not even a dress!” Clint freaks out.

“Yeah, but it looks good.” Thor says, not even avoiding his staring at your chest.

“Oh that’s because of the push up bikini bottom.” You explain calmly walking back in the room, Natasha laughing.

“Last is the summery dress that I’m sure will look wonderful.”

You step out of the room wearing a strapless, knee length dress with a turquoise lace bust, and a flowery silk design for the rest, with a beige knitted belt around your waist.

“Anyone team flower’s raise their hand.” Natasha said, maybe a little too happy.

All five guys raise their hand, even if Tony was a little reluctant.

“Thanks goodness. I am sick of changing!” You exclaim, happy with your choice.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^At the checkout^^^^^^^

You walk up, dress in hand, and set it on the checkout counter. What the others didn’t know was hidden underneath the lace and flower dress was an Ariel styled bikini.
AvengersxReader - Dress Shopping and Making Hell
You may wonder why all the recent uploads. The reason is...boredum and no homework!!! Plus it's a snow day.
HackingMaster has joined the chat room

OllieBoy has joined the Chat Room

HackingMaster: Oliver!!! What are you doing on here?

OllieBoy: ...Not thinking about you thats what….

HackingMaster: But this a secure and secret server!!!!

OllieBoy: And you rambled it.

HackingMaster: Whatever, I’m just going to change my username...

HackingMaster has changed their username to Felicity

DigtheMan has joined the Chat Room


OllieBoy: ………..

Felicity: I’m just gonna go search for some crime for you to destroy

OllieBoy: Sounds good.

Arsenal has joined the chat room

DigtheMan: C’mon Oliver, we all know it.

OllieBoy: … I didn’t join to get told that I have non-real feelings.

Arsenal: Isn’t?

OllieBoy: Aren’t you supposed to be.. I dunno somewhere else.

Arsenal: Well I could be hanging out with your sister if you prefer that.

Felicity: LOL!!!!!

OllieBoy: No I don’t.

PrincessThea has joined the chat room

OllieBoy: ….Oh heeelll no.

PrincessThea: im 18 now. ur not the boss of me anymore

OllieBoy: Haven’t we heard this speech a thousand times.


Felicity: Staying out of this one

OllieBoy: I can’t and you know it!

LaurelisQueen has joined the chat room

PrincessThea has changed their username to JustThea

LaurelisQueen: No kidding!

JustThea: I’ve changed my username, happy?

OllieBoy: ….Hello Laurel…

LaurelisQueen: Oliver.

Rosaline has become visible

Rosaline: RACHEL!!!!!!

ITSMEH!!! Has joined the chat room




Rosaline: In other words, I’m realllllly good at hacking them.

ITSMEH!!!: I HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosaline: Yes, because poking me while screaming I’m a kitty is helping.

ITSMEH!!!: KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

DigtheMan: …...please tell me…. I didn’t crack that reference….

Rosaline: That’s what your wife is for
Arrow Chat room-Part 1-KITTIES!!!!
Olicity will most definatly will be in the future.

Made with :iconaviatorcraftgold:

Next Part: 
Arrow Chat Room Folder:…
I just realized not all of you have Tumblr, so I also made a new twitter account so you guys can stay updated. @ThreeMoon_Fairy is my username.
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